When or if i will fail and go back to drinking. I fully realize that i could start again and be a miserable feeling person again but its not up to me, it’s not my problem to manage. I couldn’t and can’t manage it, nor do i ever want to. It’s his now. Life has been great the last year, i feel like i will live a while longer. I used to feel like i would die early or even soon. I don’t worry about that anymore either. I am happy. I wish you all the best and will pray you find help and comfort. I could ramble on but i will end with this. I was exactly like tim and quit several times for weeks or days at a time. Reply sue says: 16 june, 2012 at 9:04 am i went into aa almost 19 years ago when i was going through a nasty divorce and had to take care of my 2 year old son. I did party quite a bit prior to my son and also drank occasionally after my son was born but he was always my first priority and if i went out with friends, he was always with my parents or sister. When i was going through my divorce i binged three times within a 4 month period and thought, i need to stop drinking and i this is not normal to drink like this. I stayed going to aa meetings for 3 years and haven’t been to a meeting since. Met my current husband in aa and got married almost 16 years ago. My husband hasn’t been to a meeting in as long as we have been married. My son is now 21 and i have drank about 5 times in the past 5 years but only once actually got buzzed. I often question if i am an alcoholic at all. I behaved like one for much of my teen and early 20′s but now i am 45 and have a much different outlook on my life, emotions, and the world. I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine or a frozen drink. I know how to have fun without drinking at all too. I haven’t shared my drinking with anyone because it is my business and i feel it will cause trouble in my marriage and my relationship with my family. This is where the problem lies though, my husband is really an alcoholic who has been sober without any slips for almost 21 years. I feel that i can’t share my few occasions of drinking with him because he won’t understand. He believes that alcoholism is why people drink. I do believe that is true for some people but i know that i drank because i felt unwanted, emotionally damaged that my mother abandoned me and my brother at a young age. I was very insecure and that is why i drank. I am not that person any longer and i am very secure with myself and what i have become. I raised my son in a dry house but i am ready to l. generic viagra online generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra without a doctor prescription buy generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription howtosmudge.com/pjn-buy-viagra-without-prescription-ae/ buying generic viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra pages promise free trial